We Free Hearts

We Free Heart’s is an indoor play space created for the community, by the community. We aim to provide a clean, friendly and well-maintained space for all our guests. Parents/Guardians can enjoy interactive, imaginative, and creative play with their children.

Feel free to let your child explore while you get some work done in The Parent Staycation Zone.

We free hearts offers an open play environment for children big and small. Understanding the importance for children’s need to explore the world around them for their future development. We hope to provide a play space that builds imagination while challenging little bodies and minds mentally and physically. Whether you need a little extra time to do nothing or something we are here for the community.

We Free Heart’s offers a Stay & Play environment for parents and children 6mo -6yrs and Drop-in care for children 2.5yrs to 6yrs.  Our staff has years of experience in early childhood education and provides an open environment with large motor activities, arts and crafts, musical stimulation, a reading nest and more for your child to discover and explore.